How to get the perfect pair of glasses with your dad’s photo on them


My dad’s glasses, the only ones I have, are from his childhood.

It’s the first time he has ever had them.

When I was a kid, I used to ask him about them, and he would tell me about how he wore them and that he would be wearing them for the rest of his life.

And then he would say, “You know, my dad wore these glasses.

And when he was a child, he would use them on his head.

He would put his glasses on his nose and wear them over his glasses, so that when he would talk he would sound like he was speaking in his own voice.

And I was always interested to know how he did it.

So I started asking him questions, like, “How did you make those?” and he was always very helpful.

He was very happy to talk about it.

When my mom came home from work, she would have her husband hold my dad’s hand and tell him that he had a pair of beautiful, vintage glasses.

My dad would say that, “My glasses were made by my father, but they were not vintage.

They were made in the 1930s.

And it’s been around for 150 years.

“He would tell her that, and then she would tell him how to put them on.

So now, I have my dad and his glasses.

It was really nice to have that.

When you talk about vintage, it’s a very special kind of vintage.

It is very rare.

And that’s something I love.

Theres always a little bit of an interest in vintage glasses because there are a lot of vintage glasses that you can find on eBay.

And so, you can buy vintage glasses, and you can have them in your collection.

There’s a couple of vintage sunglasses that I would definitely like to own.

I have two that I can wear at all times.

One is my favorite, which is a vintage pair of white and blue.

And the other one is my first pair of vintage black and white.

And my dad always had these vintage black-and-white glasses.

I always wanted to own them, because I used them so much when I was young.

And they were my first pairs of vintage lenses.

And now, they are mine.

The first pair is my mother’s, and she wore them when she was a little girl.

So they are the only pair of sunglasses she ever wore.

And these are vintage sunglasses, and I have them all.

They are like my favorite.

I was just talking about vintage glasses to my dad, and when he started talking about them in the past, he used to say, “‘When I was growing up, my glasses were so good, I had to wear them for every day.’

But now they are like, my mom’s.

“He was always trying to get my mom to wear glasses, because they were so comfortable, and so good looking.

And also, he was trying to tell her how to wear her glasses.

So he always wanted her to wear his glasses because she was so comfortable with them, but I always knew he would eventually get her a pair.

When he died, I thought about how great it would be to own vintage glasses and to have a pair, and to use them, in some way, to help me learn how to be a better person.

So, my daughter and I are going to have these vintage glasses with us when we go on our honeymoon.

And we will put them in our closet.

We are going all the way to Mexico, because we want to have those vintage glasses on us.

So we are going.