Glass bottles, glasses and other recyclables, sorted


Glass bottles are everywhere.

There are the ones you can buy at craft stores and grocery stores, and the ones that can be collected and reused.

Glass bottles come in many shapes, sizes and colors, and are often used to decorate a variety of products.

And the best part is they’re completely recyclable.

Here are the top glass bottles to recycle.1.

Scotchlite glass bottles: These are made from the leftover scraps from bottles that are no longer needed.

They can be used to make new glass, which is also recyclably-friendly.2.

Teflon glass bottles and bottles made from polypropylene are both recyclible.

But polypropane is a much more efficient material and can be recycled at a much higher rate than glass bottles.3.

Polycarbonate glass bottles can be reused as glass, but are not as durable as glass bottles made of polyethylene.4.

Polypropylene bottles can also be recycled.

Plastic bottles are recyclically-friendly, but you may have to use a solvent to break down the polypropene.5.

These glass bottles are made out of wood, but they are also recycler-friendly since they can be sold as a product.6.

These recycled glass bottles make great gifts for people who are looking for recyclability.7.

These glasses have a very simple design.

They are recycler friendly, but don’t look much different than a plastic bottle.8.

Glass glass bottles have a small hole in the top to allow for the filling of the glass.9.

The recycled glass is sold as an individual item and can usually be recycled on a daily basis.10.

These recyclers are not very good at recycling glass bottles, so they are not likely to be a good option for a consumer who doesn’t want to recycle glass bottles for a long time.11.

These bottles are usually made from a wood product, and they’re recycler-friendly as well.12.

These are glass glass bottles that have been left on a shelf for several years.

These products can be easily recycled.13.

These plastic bottles are not recycly, but glass bottles in plastic bottles can easily be recycled and can still be reused.14.

These polycarbonate bottles can become a source of carbon dioxide pollution if left on the shelf for a very long time and then spilled.15.

These plastics bottles are also very recyclier than glass or glass bottles but are a little less recycliable.16.

These reusable plastic bottles have the added benefit of being recyclatable, but will have to be recycled again for the next generation.17.

These recycling plastic bottles come with a special dispenser so they can quickly be recycled if they are accidentally spilled.18.

These disposable glass bottles will last for many years and will also be recyclic if left unused.19.

These water bottles are designed to be recycler and are recycable, but the plastic will rust.20.

These small plastic bottles will have a special recycling sticker on them to help them be recycled in the future.21.

These stainless steel bottle bottles can come in a variety different colors and designs.22.

These aluminum glass bottles come packaged in a plastic bag, which makes them easy to recycle if left unattended for a while.23.

These carbon dioxide free glass bottles work great as a water bottle or glass bottle, but there are some things to be aware of when using them.24.

These can be recycled, but as they’re made from wood, you will have problems when trying to reuse them in the long term.25.

These aren’t recyclizable, but if left in a container for a week or more, the plastic may start to rust.26.

These non-recyclable glass bottles should only be recycled once.

They don’t contain plastic and should only come in recycled plastic bottles.27.

These ceramic glass bottles use plastic instead of wood for the base, which means they will take on the characteristics of wood and not the qualities of glass.28.

These decorative glass bottles could be recycled, but because they are made of glass they will not be recycling.29.

These colored glass bottles won’t be recycles either, since they are colored.30.

These brown plastic bottles won, but due to the color of the container they will have some trouble with a recycling program.31.

These large glass bottles with a small opening can also become a plastic recycling source if left out for a day or two.32.

These clear glass bottles look great, but can also pose problems when they are left on shelves for a longer time.33.

These red plastic bottles and glass bottles aren’t very recyclerly-friendly and should be disposed of after a few years of use.34.

These green glass bottles don’t seem recyclicy, but since they’re green and look nice, they might be a

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