Which beer glasses will you get with your smart glasses?


By now you have probably seen these smart glasses, and they are all pretty awesome.

You may have even noticed that they are made of glass.

But how do they work?

Here are five glasses with smart glasses built in.

The glasses are built around an NFC chip which connects to a smart phone.

The chip can read the user’s face, and then the glasses will automatically pair the user with a smart assistant, or a drink.

The glasses also have a camera on them, which lets them track your movements, and alert you to your drink.

A special button on the back of the glasses allows the user to take photos and video, and send the video to their phone.

You can order a pair of glasses right now, and expect to pay $300 to $500 for a pair.

The company behind the glasses has also created an app to let you see them, and let you make them yourself, so that you can make your own.

These glasses work by scanning your face, your voice, and your location, and the glasses then make a prediction.

If they’re right, the glasses pair the glasses with your glasses.

The app has a built-in camera, so you can use it to take pictures of your glasses, then upload them to your phone, and see if they match.

The company says that it’s also working on an app for the glasses to be used in the real world, so it could be used as a way to detect things like traffic or earthquakes.

You can read more about the glasses at their website.

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