A-list celebrities, including Kate Upton, are on a “naked mission” to promote glasses to the world


It’s not every day that a celebrity steps out of the shadows to speak out about their favorite glasses.

But for Kate Upton — and other A-listers, including A-List stars like Tom Hanks — it was one of the first times they were going to wear them.

“I think I was in a bit of a bad place at the time,” Upton told Us Weekly about the time she decided to step out of her comfort zone for the first time.

“So I went to the mall, and I bought some pairs of sunglasses, and they were $600.”

It was a little hard to believe, but Upton was actually quite pleased with her purchase, because the experience has been such a blessing for her life.

Now, she’s got over 10,000 pairs of glasses in her closet, which she’s wearing topless and has even put on her Twitter profile.

“It’s just been a real eye opener to me and the other celebrities,” Upton said.

“They all seem to be so excited about what’s going on in their lives and about the way that they’re experiencing their own lives.

It’s just really exciting to me.”

Here are the 10 celebrities that have been wearing glasses topless since the beginning of time.