Glass repair is costing more than $600,000 in Australia


Posted October 10, 2018 08:23:18 A glass repair business is making the headlines for its high-priced repair of a window glass.

The company, Bluebar Glass, said it had spent more than a year repairing and replacing windows in four homes in Perth, Western Australia, and the Gold Coast.

“Our goal is to have our glass repaired to a level of quality that will last at least another year,” Mr O’Neill said.

“We’ve had customers from across the state of Western Australia who have been looking for windows to repair, but we’ve also had a few from the Gold and Sunshine Coast.”

Mr O’Neil said the business had received an average of $600 in repairs over the last 12 months.

“Every day we do it we get some fantastic customer service from the glass repair guys,” he said.’

They’re really nice’While the repair was expensive, Mr O”s company did get a call from the local council after a family who were living in a house that had broken in.”

They were very kind and said we were a great team, and we would like to work with you for the rest of our life,” Mr Sneddon said.

Mr Snedden and Mr O said they were pleased that the council was not only offering them free repairs, but also an opportunity to advertise their services.”

It’s great that they are taking the time to help us out because it’s a little bit hard to find someone who is going to do the work for you,” Mr D’Arcy said.”[It’s] just really nice that the city council is taking the risk and putting us out there.

“The business’ website offers a range of repair services, including windows that have been broken, glass repair kits, window glass and window repair kits for small businesses.

The website also sells glass repair stickers, which are free to all who have purchased their own glass.”

People have told us it’s worth every penny,” Mr Breen said.

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