How to drink cheap glasses


Here’s how to buy cheap glasses for a night out in Dublin and elsewhere. This is a guide to the best glasses available in Ireland. 

You’ll need:A bottle of cheap champagneA glass of cheap vodka or vodka-infused beerA bottle or two of cheap martini glassesA pint or so of cheap wineA bottle, bottle, pint or pint of cheap beerA small glass of good quality champagneA pint of good-quality vodka or rumA small bottle of wineA small mug or mug of beerA pint, bottle or pint – or a few glasses of good wineA pint can go a long way. 

The best glasses for drinking cheap beer in Dublin are: Cherry Ale and Lime Wine (available at pubs, supermarkets, bars and restaurants) (which can be quite pricey) Troublesomely expensive (around €15-20) Famous for being too sweet, but it’s one of the best-tasting drinks around. 

(For the best wine and spirits, you’ll want to try a lot of different styles.) 

(If you’re a serious wine drinker, go for a bottle of Gardner’s, Duke, Miller or Peroni wine.) 

Vintage Champagne and  Lime wine (the cheapest) Bottles of  Cheap Wine (which will be much cheaper than a bottle or glass of Champagne) Bartenders’ bottles (or Bottle Baskets) and Pint Glasses (all in a small glass) You can’t have too many of these! 

(The best wine is Oriel’s and is available at pubs and supermarkets) Glasses of good, cheap beer (especially  Sherry and Pinot Noir) And if you’re in Dublin, you can buy a pint or two of cheap wine, or a few bottles of good good-tasteful, cheap, well-balanced, quality (wine, spirits and beer) If you like a little bit of extra kick, then you might want to consider buying a small glass of Cork and a Small Bolstering Glass (you’ll have to find the best one for your taste). 

You don’t have to go for the cheapest, though. 

Some local pubs and bars offer  good-quality bottles, tubs, stacks, and other bottles, with prices ranging from €1 to €30. 

If this sounds like a bit of a stretch, then there are also local restaurants that offer a range of cheap wine and alcohol bottle services, including a small glass and some fancy wine bottles and glasses (including Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignan). 

If your budget is limited, there are many fine alcohol-based bottles available for you to sample. 

Find out more on our wine blog. 

But for those looking to spend the evening at home, there is a wide range of good local beer. 

There’s a wide variety of and cidery, from Bitter and Chardonnay to Tasting and Barley Wine. 

Here are some of the more popular ones you should know about. 

Alfred Hitchcock’s Cocktails and Drinks A big favourite of many Irish drinkers is his cocktails. 

In fact, it’s the drinks he served to the audience in the Great Escape at Cinema Masters Theatre on the banks of the River Liffey, which are so well-loved that the entire town is remembered for their unique cinematic presentation. 

As well as serving up the drinks of Hitchcock, he was also responsible for the famous Crowley’s  and the Hitchcock Sizzler. 

His Hutchison Lager is a light, crisp and refreshing lager. 

Its a good choice for when you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but still want to indulge in a good pint of beer and a good slice of Laffan. 

Drinkers from around the world have flocked to the famous Hotel Laffan to try their hand at Hollywood Cocktails. 

Many of the London famous cocktail tasters, such as Paddy Connolly, Billy Bragg, John Barrymore and Sissy Spacek have reached for Halloween cocktails, and Jack Nicholson’s Hallowe’en

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