Which rimless eyewear is the best for your eyes?


It’s easy to forget, but a pair of rimless sunglasses is still the best option for the average person looking to avoid a few stray rocks.

With so many of us staring at our screens and staring at each other for a good 10 minutes at a time, it’s no wonder that rimless lenses are the most popular choice for anyone who needs to take their eyes off of the world.

A rimless lens is made of glass that’s shaped to look like a regular lens, and it has no lens caps to stop the lens from rolling off.

Instead, the rimless glass has no focus or aperture, making it the ideal choice for those who like to be totally focused on their screen at all times.

But the lenses are also one of the most expensive lenses to purchase, so if you don’t need all of the specs of a rimless model, there are also some other lenses to consider.

Check out our picks for the best rimless frames.

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