What are the best glass counters?


Fox News’ “America’s Got Talent” judges asked contestants to come up with five favorite glass counters and put them together to create a glass counter that represents the city in the show.

The judges had to choose five of their favorite counters from among the 20 finalists in the competition.

These included the classic glass countertop, a counter that is a modern take on a classic piece of art, the retro counter, a modern counter with modern styling and a modern, futuristic counter.

The contest judges asked the contestants to choose a counter for their home, work, church, school or other location.

The judges asked each contestant to choose between a modern-looking counter or a classic counter that reflects the theme of their home.

After creating the five counters, the judges asked them to name one of their favorites, which is how the judges decided which counter they would use to represent the city.

The contestants were asked to list the reason for their choice and what they think the counter will reflect.