The Glass Menagerie: The Glass menageries are back!


We were just honored to be featured in the Glass Menagersie, a collection of classic glassware created by artists and collectors.

With their new site, has launched a new series of glass menagersies for the casual and crafty glass aficionados.

The collection includes the glass mengerie, the glass box and the glass table.

They also offer a range of accessories, including glass glasses, glasses mugs, glasses accessories and more.

The Glass Mengerie was created by artist and glass enthusiast Peter Kostelanetz in 1973 and first launched in 1982, in response to the proliferation of glass in the marketplace.

This collection is a unique collection of glassware that is inspired by the menagerier spirit of the times, in an elegant and timeless style.

In this collection, the Glass mengeries are made of handcrafted glass that are carefully hand poured, stained and pressed.

The glass is displayed in a variety of styles including the classic glass, the new glass and the contemporary glass.

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