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Recode staff writer Laura Sexton and editor Ben Wikler break down what’s next in the glass business, as the brandies market begins to recover.1:40 p.m.

President Donald Trump will make a short appearance on the Rose Garden this afternoon, as part of a tour of the White House and Capitol grounds.

The president will be joined by first lady Melania Trump, first lady Kate Middleton, Vice President Mike Pence and First Lady Karen Pence.

The tour will begin at 12:30 p.d. on the East Lawn.

The White House said in a statement the tour will be “part of the administration’s focus on promoting our economic recovery and job creation.

In addition to the visit, we will host a reception with the Vice President and the First Lady and will continue to lead efforts to expand the use of Glassware, promote our Manufacturing Innovation Week, and provide an opportunity for a private audience to tour the White Houses many facets of our government and our economy.

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Trump, first family, VP tour begin, glass shop to open at 11 a.m.: Trump is set to arrive at the Whitehouse at 1:25 a.g.

He will then be joined in the Rose garden by the first lady, the vice president, and the first ladies family and a small group of friends.

The Trump administration has been trying to expand Glassware since the election.

Glass Shop to open in 2019Glass shop to begin serving customers in 20211:10 p.a.m.-Glass shop opens at 2:10 a.d.: At 2:30 a.p.m., the Trump administration will open a glass shop at the West Wing.

This is the first of many events, such as a State of the Union address, to be held during Trump’s first full year in office.

The West Wing will serve as a hub for Trump’s administration, as he will be in charge of both domestic and international affairs.

Glass shop opening in 2021Glass shop will be available in the West wing at 2 a.s.t.: Beginning in 2021, glass shops will be open at the East Wing, White House, and Capitol Visitors Center, the White Senate Office Building and the White Capitol Hotel, according to a statement from the WhiteHouse.

The WhiteHouse added that this will be the first full-time, full-season glass shop in the nation.

11:40 a.t.-Trump to attend State of Congress, Capitol tour, glassware, tour begins at 12 a.l.: President Donald Trump is expected to attend a closed-door session of the U.S. Senate in early January, during which he will appear before the chamber’s Rules Committee.

In the House, the president will attend a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing on Capitol Hill on Jan. 3.

Trump will also be joined on the first day of the Senate’s legislative session, on Jan 7, by Vice President Pence, his daughter Ivanka Trump, Vice Chair of the House Rules Committee Mick Mulvaney, and other top Republicans.

9:50 a.b.-Trump arrives at the State of New York to address U.N. General Assembly1:15 a.o.t.(Reuters) President Donald J. Trump is scheduled to arrive in New York City this afternoon to address the U,N.

general assembly, his first address since being elected President.

The President will speak from the National Mall, and will be flanked by Vice Presidential candidate Mike Pence.

The event will take place at 11:40 AM ET and will mark the first appearance of the president in New Jersey since his inauguration.

Trump will be accompanied by his wife, Melania, and daughter, Ivanka.

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Trump visits Puerto Rico, US ambassador to Puerto Rico1:20 p.o.(Reuters/Brendan McDermid) President Trump is visiting Puerto Rico today to discuss the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the United States Virgin Islands.

He is expected in the city of San Juan, where he will hold a bilateral meeting with Governor Ricardo Rosselló.

Trump is expected at the San Juan Hilton hotel and to participate in a tour that will take him to the island’s public housing projects and the homes of the people who lost their homes to the storm.

12:50 p.p.-President Trump and Vice President Joe Biden will be at a press conference at the Naval Observatory, where they will discuss the president’s call with Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Roselló, who was elected on Jan 6.

The two leaders will also participate in an event hosted by the Puerto Rican National Assembly, where the president is expected.

7:45 p.t., 8:45 a.c.

President Trump will attend the National Press Club, where Vice President Biden will also speak, according the White house.

The event will

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