What We Know About Glass That Could Make Your iPhone A Superphone With An All-New Glass Cover


The first wave of Google Glass headsets were made of plastic.

Now, the first wave has been made of glass, according to Glass CEO Andrew Ng.

Glass has been on the market for more than a year and is a major player in the burgeoning wearable tech market.

The headset is designed for people who want a different way to interact with technology.

“We know that this kind of technology is going to become more popular over time,” Ng told The Verge in an interview on Tuesday.

“We are just at the start of the adoption process, and we see that people are really looking for something that is more personal and more personalizable.”

Glass, which is available for pre-order at select retailers, comes with a special glass cover that comes with all of its accessories, including a headset and an earpiece.

It costs $1,000 to buy a headset with the special cover.

The company is now in talks with a few retailers to make the covers available for other products, Ng said.

“One of the things that we’ve been working on, as we talked to retailers, is the ability to have the cover in all of the accessories,” Ng said in the interview.

“So you can take it off and put it on the other side.

So we’re looking at some other options for the accessories and for accessories that can be put on it.”

The new cover will be made of durable polycarbonate, which will be much stronger than the glass that Google Glass is made of.

The cover will also have a glass insert that will help to protect the glass from dust and scratches.

Ng said the cover is more durable than the one on the iPhone, and it also comes with an adapter that plugs into the device.

Namaste Glass is a smartwatches and accessories company based in Taiwan.

Its products include smartwands and smartwears that use sensors to help users stay connected to the internet, while also helping to keep them fit.

The smartwand, for example, helps users keep track of their workouts and calories burned.

Namaste Glass recently launched a smartwatch that integrates its software and a smartphone app.

Nng said Glass is an interesting platform because the technology has a “really clear direction.”

The company has been working with several partners to help make Glass a reality.

Google’s Glass was announced in March and the company is in discussions with retailers to start shipping Glass to customers in the United States in June.

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