Google’s ‘Glass’ glasses: It’s a great way to see and talk to the world, but not in public


Google’s first foray into augmented reality is here, with its Glass product being unveiled at the company’s offices in San Francisco and Seattle.

Glass uses the camera on the front of your phone to project a hologram-like 3D image onto the glass surface.

A pair of glasses will then track your location and take you inside.

Google says that the glasses will let people “experience the world in a new way”, with Google Glass glasses “making it easy for anyone to become part of a global community”.

It has already seen some success in its own backyard.

The company’s self-driving cars are currently on public roads, and Glass has already been used by Google Glass-wearable tech companies to test the safety of their products, and for users to record videos.

Google’s Glass prototype is being released in three sizes: a medium, a large and a XL version, with the latter being available in limited quantities.

It will be available in March 2018, with a Google event being held in New York City on Tuesday.

In the US, Google will also be showcasing Glass at a conference in Austin, Texas, which is slated to be attended by several tech leaders.

Google is also making some headway in Asia, with Chinese state-run Xinhua news agency citing “high expectations” for Glass.

It is a “world-class technological advancement” that is a game changer for the world and a huge leap forward for the mobile industry, the news agency said.

Google Glass has received high praise for its safety and security features.

In a recent article, the Wall Street Journal praised it as a way for ordinary people to be more active in their daily lives, and said it could help people “find their place in the world”.