How the glasses from Glassberg are making your day more colorful


Glassberg, a California-based startup that makes glasses for smartphones, said it has started making the first-ever “green” glass for phones.

The company says it’s the first to do so without a glass lens, which makes it more appealing to users, especially younger people.

Glassberg said it’s also working with a local school district to make the first glass for the new iPhones.

The glasses are available in three sizes, including a 10-ounce size that is more affordable than the regular 10- or 12-ounce sizes, but they can’t be used with any of the other smartphones that come with the device.

The devices have been in use for about a year, but Glassberg has not yet made a phone-specific version.

Glassenberg plans to sell the glasses for about $100 each, and they’ll be available in two colors: green and blue.

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