When will I be able to pay my bills with my phone?


The new glass doors at the front of your house will allow you to pay bills with your phone, thanks to a software update.

The app magnifying glasses will enable you to use your phone’s camera to take pictures of items you can’t reach through your glass, like the stovetop faucet.

The app will then display them on the display.

The new feature was announced Thursday by Glassdoor, a website that helps buyers and sellers navigate the Glassdoor marketplace.

The company says it plans to offer the app to people with limited vision and those with other disabilities.

It will also allow those with vision problems to make payments using a virtual payment terminal.

Glassdoor says the technology could be used to make money-saving purchases, like buying a pair of glasses at a retail store that requires a phone payment.

The technology is a part of a broader push by Apple, Google and others to make more products accessible to people.

Glass is the latest in a series of advances that make phones easier to use and more powerful.

The Apple app, for example, lets users access their iPhones and iPads using their glasses, and the Android app lets users connect their Android phones to a Bluetooth-enabled display using a small projector.

Glass could also be used for more complex payments, like opening a bar, the company says.

For now, Glassdoor offers a virtual currency that can be used as a payment option, but it says the company will add a virtual credit card to the service soon.

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