How to craft a drink that looks like a pillow


A couple of years ago, my friend and I got into the hobby of making pillow art.

We were having some fun with the idea and decided to make a pillow out of beer glasses.

We had no idea how big the pillows would be, so we decided to go with a smaller size.

We used a foam-based foam filler to hold the pillow in place, and then I just used a sponge and a plastic bag to add foam to the foam, like the pillow we made for our friend.

After the pillow had been sitting for a while, I tried to paint it in watercolors.

When I painted it in the colors of the colors that I wanted, the foam filled the gaps and was a bit soft.

But when I tried adding color to the pillow, it didn’t look like it would last forever.

I was really frustrated, so I took the pillow apart and found out that it had been made of a very heavy foam that didn’t even hold the foam together very well.

When we were cleaning it, the pillow started to crack.

So I tried cleaning it again and this time I just cleaned it with alcohol and it just cracked.

After trying to clean the pillowing, I got a little more creative.

I made a foam pillow out a big bowl of milk glass.

I used a plastic water pipe that was cut in half and a large round water bottle.

I put a little bit of foam in each water pipe, and I put it on the side of the pillow and then put the pillow on the bowl of glass.

We took it to the hardware store and we bought two more water bottles, and we just put the foam inside the water bottles and let the water just sit on top of the foam.

The next day, we put the two bottles of milk and put it in our fridge, and it was still good.

It’s still nice and soft.

The only thing that we didn’t have was some foam to fill the gaps.

We also didn’t use enough water to cover the foam and not get the foam completely wet, so it’s not going to last forever, but it’s still good enough for us.

We just love it.

And now we can have our own pillow.

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