How to use a beer glass to read text


Beer glasses have a history of being used as a reading device.

From the first days of the internet, beer glasses have been used as simple glasses to read newspapers.

But they have also been used for much more sophisticated reading and writing.

For example, some brewers have made beer glasses that allow you to read a newspaper in real time, by using your eyes.

In this video, we take you through how to use beer glasses to write on a piece of paper, or to use the built-in speakers to write with your voice.

If you’re a serious student, you might want to get your hands on a beer bottle for reading on a desktop or laptop computer, or maybe even to use as a speaker when reading.

And if you’re not into the tech side of things, but you still need a way to read on a screen, a beer can or other drinking utensil can be a good choice.

1:25 What is a beer cup?

Beer cups are typically made of metal or plastic with a small opening.

When you hold it up to the light, you can see through the lid and the air in the can.

You can use your eyes to see the contents, and it’s a great way to see what you’re drinking, says Daniel DeCesare, an English language teacher and beer expert at the University of Toronto.

You also need to make sure the contents are not too hot or too cold, he adds.

DeCedre says you can buy beer cups in the local supermarket, and they’re generally made of plastic or metal.

A beer cup can hold a pint or three litres, depending on the brand and what you buy.

2:12 How to read with your glasses On your smartphone, there’s a smartphone app called TapTap that allows you to write or read on the screen.

The app lets you select from different text sizes, and also lets you read aloud to your phone or tablet.

The tap screen is made up of five different types of icons.

You may also be able to see these icons in your phone’s gallery, where they appear on top of other icons.

There are two main types of taps on a TapTap app: The main icon will appear when you tap on a letter in the top right corner of the screen, and the second icon will show when you click on a number.

TapTap also lets users type text on the display by pressing the “Enter” or “Page Up” key on the touchscreen.

You’ll see the text and then you’ll be able read the text.

The taps are usually set to a number or letter.

You should always start with a number, and then type a letter to read it aloud.

You don’t need to do this with all your taps, but if you need to read aloud, try using all your different taps.

To write on your TapTap screen, you’ll use the letters on your keyboard.

De Cesare says you’ll usually need to use an app called WriteMeMe, which can be downloaded from the App Store.

“It’s pretty simple to set up, and you’ll see a simple icon, and a few other buttons,” he says.

You just need to tap on it and it’ll start to write you out a text.

De Caesare explains that the best way to make a TapTaps is to have the TapTapping app open up a menu of icons and then tap on one.

Then, you just need the letter or number that you want to write, and tap.

The text will appear on the text input field and you can then type your text on top.

If there’s more than one letter or word, you could also tap and hold the first one to read the rest.

3:03 How to get a beer in your home using a beer container article Homebrewing is a big deal for many people in Australia.

About one-quarter of all Australians now brew their own beer, according to the National Beer Council.

You need to be able hold a beer with your hand or your fingers, but there are many different ways to get beer in the home.

There’s the simple way, where you pour a bottle of beer in a container and leave it there.

Then there’s the more advanced way, when you take a glass of water and pour it into the container, then you pour the beer inside the container.

You could also pour a container of water into a plastic bag and leave that there, and fill it up with beer.

There is also the more complicated method of brewing beer that involves a lot of boiling water, as in a can or kettle.

There have been several beers brewed in Australia over the years, but these are the ones you probably remember the most.

“My favourite beer is the ‘Coffee’ beer from the ’50s and ’60s,” says John Latt, a brewing consultant from the Perth brewery The Beer Company.

“I love brewing coffee,

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