What’s in a name? A name for a new type of glasses


GUCCI DOG WITH GLASSES  The term gucci is now used to refer to glasses, which are a type of product that are manufactured in the same way as a pair of glasses.

The term came from the French word guic-ci, which means a box of coins, but also refers to a particular kind of coin.

In this case, the guicci were the gold-plated coins that have been used to create the glasses.

The name has come from the idea that the glasses were made by wearing a ring around the middle of your head and that the ring’s design reflected the size of the coin.

Gucci has become a name for new types of glasses in the past few years, as the company has launched a new line of glasses, a new range of watches, a range of bags, a limited edition line of Gucci jewelry, and a range in accessories.

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