Nikki Glasser, Quay Glasser and Nikki Glasser in the NHL Finals


Nikki has been a huge part of the Pittsburgh Penguins and she is a key part of their championship run.

Nikki Glass, the newest member of the Pens to join the organization, joined the team on Thursday and will be the team’s glass cutter.

Glass will play a big role on the power play and in the penalty kill.

She will also play a role in Pittsburgh’s penalty kill, taking the ice with the team to make sure the Penguins don’t take the ice out of the game.

Glass, a former captain of the New Jersey Devils, also plays for the Philadelphia Flyers.

She will wear the Quay glasser for the first time since joining the Penguins, wearing the color to celebrate her 10th birthday on Friday.

Glass wore the color of the team when she was a child, and has worn the color since then.

She wore it with the New York Islanders on the Stanley Cup championship run in 2007.

Glass also will be on the ice to help celebrate her birthday with the Pittsburgh IceCaps on Saturday.

The IceCals will wear their Quay glasses for the game, and they will also wear glass masks for the team.

Glass and her Quay team will wear a black and white team logo.

She and the IceCalls will wear Quay and the Penguins colors on the first two home games of the Stanley and Eastern Conference Finals.

The Penguins will then travel to play the New England Revolution on Sunday, July 11 at 7 p.m.

The Penguins will have two more home games against the Montreal Canadiens in the second round.

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