What do you get when you mix a pair of glasses with a pair or two of noodles? The answer is…


By Mark WohlersTalkSport| January 09, 2018| 5:31PM ISTThe answer is a pair (or two) of glasses, which are part of a new toy line, Glass Glass Dildo.

The toys, which you can buy from the brand in the US for around $40, feature a pair, and in the UK you can get one for £25.

In the UK, the Glass Glass dildo will only be available from April and June.

The toy is expected to be released in the rest of the world on June 20.

The glass toys are made from the same plastic used in a glass, and they come with the same glass plate that the glass dildo has.

They are sold in a plastic box, and the box comes with the glass toys, but it doesn’t come with a glass holder.

Instead, you get a set of glass beads, which hold the glass beads together.

The Glass Glass toy has a “glass glass” shape, which is similar to a glass bowl, and is shaped like a bowl.

It also has a little box that fits into the toy, with a rubber cup on top that allows you to put your dildo in.

The glass toy comes with two beads, and there are two sizes available.

There are also two options to the Glass glass toy, one for women and one for men.

The two glass beads are slightly smaller in diameter, and when they are fully inserted, they fit snugly in the glass toy.

You can also put your glass toy inside the glass glass toy for an extra experience.

The dildo itself is very light, which makes it easy to hold, and it is comfortable to hold in your hand.

The dildo can also be used as a toy, because the dildo’s glass beads can be pushed around to help you penetrate the glass object.

The beads can also make an incredible noise, making them sound like they are floating in the air.

There are a couple of other options to Glass Glass toys, including a different kind of glass, one made of glass glass and the other of glass tiles, which will come with three different dildos.

The Glass Glass tile dildo comes with a box that can hold the dildoes, and you can put them inside the box.

The glasses and the glass tiles are made of a combination of silicone and plastic, which allows them to have a “soft and pliable” feel when you push them into the glass.

You have to hold the toy firmly, because when they slide inside, they feel very slippery.

In fact, the glass objects will stay in place inside the toy if you squeeze the glass container, which feels nice because they feel solid.

The toy comes in a white plastic box with a pink box.

It comes with one glass dildo, one glass tile dildoe, and one glass bead.

The price of the Glass dildoos starts at $35, while the glass tile toys are priced at $18.

Both the glass and glass tile versions come with four different dildo sizes.

If you want more, you can choose to have the glass ones with more beads, or the glass one with two.

You will also get a “dildo pillow”, which you put on top of the glass bowl when you want to insert the dongoes.

The toys can be used for penetration, and both the glass bead and the plastic bead are compatible with male and female dildones.

The box that comes with Glass Glass and Glass Tile dildoses also comes with an adapter that allows for the dittos to be inserted in the opposite way.

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