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The white paper also states it will endeavour to reach a point of voluntary agreement by the end of this year, where the involved parties can decide on which copyright and intellectual property protection measures work best.

These measures could include proactive steps to detect and remove illegal content, improving the effectiveness of notice and takedown arrangements, reducing incentives for illegal sites to engage in infringement online and reducing the burdens on rights holders in relation to protecting their content,” the white paper says.

However, it adds that if sufficient voluntary progress is not made in the discussions between the industries by the end of the year, Parliament could step in and enforce their own measures. 

As part of the initiative, the UK gov will also back up what it said in the white paper by injecting an extra £2 million into advertising, raising public awareness of the paper and the negative impact of piracy on British creatives and the risks involved in copyright infringement and pirating content. µ

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